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Hell's Heroes / The Sheriff's Baby

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Hell's Heroes

Hell's Heroes

1929 • William Wyler • 64 min

A Fast-paced western by William Wyler was released both as a silent version and sound version, and was selected for our festival inspired by Pordenone 1923. This tale about outlaws fleeing to the desert and finding a small baby from the hands of a dying mother is on par with the more familiar version by John Ford.


The Sheriff's Baby

The Sheriff's Baby

1913 • D.W. Griffith • 14 min

Packed with stars from D.W.Griffith's entourage, this short title is a celebration of compressing - after all he manages to tell the tale by Wyler in a bit over 10 minutes. The copy shown is a part of a project by Film Preservation Society, with the purpose of restoring all Griffith's silent films. As far as we know, this is the debut of this title in Finland.





Trio Mutual

  • Janne Kuusinen, piano
  • Hanne Närhinsalo, accordion and piano
  • Matti Närhinsalo, flute

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Hell's Heroes
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