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Max, der Zirkuskönig

Max, der Zirkuskönig

1924 • Max Linder/Édouard-Émile Violet • 70 min
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The final title of the first world-famous comedian of cinema history was made in Austria. The main character is an aristocrat, who fells for a circus performer against the wishes of his unclde. Even though Linder’s personal life was a mess, and his movie career fading, he managed such skill and class in his final movie, that even Chaplin idolized him. His co-star, Hungarian Vilma Bánky soon went to Hollywood and became a superstar.




Trio Mutual

  • Janne Kuusinen, piano
  • Hanne Närhinsalo, accordion and piano
  • Matti Närhinsalo, flute

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Max, der Zirkuskönig
Max, der Zirkuskönig
Max, der Zirkuskönig
Max, der Zirkuskönig
Max, der Zirkuskönig
Max, der Zirkuskönig

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