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Tol'able David

Tol'able David

1921 • Henry King • 94 min
35 mm • Elävienkuvien teatteri
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Richard Barthelmess and Ernest Torrence are brilliant in this drama taking place in idyllic countryside village. An innocent youngster is snatched to the adult world in the middle of his carefree days. Professional direting by Henry King and stunning camerawork by Henry Cronjager captures both poetic scenery and intense action. This masterpiece of silent era was one of Harold Lloyd's favourite movies, and he borrowed some plotlines to his own masterpiece The Kid Brother (1927).




Lena & The Slide Brothers Trio

  • Lena Lindroos / bass,organs
  • Matti Kettunen / guitars
  • Juha Tanninen / percussions

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