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Presentation on Estonian Silent Film


approx. 30 min
Sat 26 Aug 2023 11:00


Eva Näripea, the Director of the Film Archive of the National Archives of Estonia, will give a 30 minute presenation on Estonian Silent Film and the restoration of the films.



Eva Näripea

Eva Näripea is the Director of the Film Archive of the National Archives of Estonia (since 2014), and a member of the Council of the Estonian Academy of Arts (since 2020). She has worked as researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Literary Museum and University of Central Lancashire, as well as an editor for various scholarly journals, such as Studies in Art and Architecture/Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi, Baltic Screen Media Review (TLU) and Studies in Eastern European Cinema (Routledge). She has written extensively on Estonian and East European film history and contemporary cinema. In addition to her work as the head of the Film Archive, she continues to do research, currently focusing on the histories of film preservation and pre-World War II cinema in Estonia.